Friday, March 6, 2009


It is the Lenten season here in our Catholic household. For those of you unfamiliar with the practice, it is common to give something up that means a lot to you. We usually try to encourage the girls to give up one thing they truly enjoy and one behavior trait we would like to see them break. It doesn't have to be anything too difficult, soda, chocolate, ice cream, fighting with your sister, talking back, yelling, that type of thing. It can't be anything that will make meal time very difficult, vegetables, milk, hamburger, etc.
This year we decided to try something new. We have all given up watching TV Monday through Thursday. (We thought about everyday but our DVR really can't handle 6 weeks worth of our shows) So far it hasn't been too difficult except for the snow days. Then it was a bit tough but we made it through just fine. I am actually enjoying the silence of no TV but I don't think the girls are sharing my sentiments.
For me it's harder to pass on watching movies since I frequently watch them after the kids have gone to bed and we have Blockbuster online which sends us movies all the time. I guess this month they will be making money on us. I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow evening when 3 of our kids will be at sleepovers and I can finally watch The Changling which I have been dying to see. It's much harder to find a time when I can watch movies that I don't want them seeing when I only have the weekends to work with.
I guess we will see how things are going in a few weeks.


heidi @ ggip said...

At this point, I don't think we'd be able to give up tv. I have to say it would be much easier in the summer. But Lent is never in the summer :)

Shosh said...

I don't have a TV in my house and I honestly dont miss it. But the internet...I could never give it up!!!

Orah said...

Is it cheating if you give up TV, Monday through Thursday but then spend MORE time the rest of the days catching up on DVR TV????

Either way, I saw Changeling - it's GREAT! Hope you like it.

heidi said...

I once did a Media Fast that was similar. I gave up TV all but 2 days a week. On those two days I couldn't watch more than 3 TOTAL hours of programming or movies. I really cut down what I watched!! I also cut out secular radio, because I allowed myself to listen to sermons or CHristian music. And the Computer, too. Only, since I work on the computer I decided THAT was the only time I was allowed to be on the computer - for work.

It was an interesting experiment!