Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thirft Shop Buys

I would assume most of my regular readers are well aware that I love a bargain. There are great bargains to be had at the grocery stores out there but I really feel that's nothing compared to the deals at thrift shops. I cannot possibly see spending large amounts of money on clothes for my children. All they are going to do is grow out of them, put holes in them, decide they are out of fashion and generally just not where half of the things I buy them.
We took a trip across the bridge Friday night and hit my favorite shop called Value Village. It is so awesome because it is roughly the size of a grocery store and it's about 80% clothing. You can spend 45 minutes just going through their jeans if you look at all of them. I have been visiting this place for probably 6 years or so and even though they have raised their prices a bit, they are still a great bargain. I picked up 8 pairs of pants(not all for me), one pair of overall shorts, a shirt and a pair of water shoes for a little over $40. I am sure that if I had chosen to buy these same items new it would have been almost that for one of the pairs of pants. I have trained my kids well and they truly appreciate that if they want to wear expensive designer clothes, the only way they are getting them is used. I guess I'm lucky that they are still so good about it as I am sure some teenagers would die before wearing used clothes. They also enjoy hitting garage sales in the summer time which is the other way they get their name brands (best deal ever was the Hollister pants for $1.00).
I sooooo love a good deal!


heidi said...

Oh I MISS our Thrift STores back home!! Can you believe there are only two, here. One of them is the Salvation Army and it never has ANYTHING worthwhile. THe other store keeps havign to move so I never know where to find it. PLus, they only have 3 racks of kids clothes! I used to get ALL the kids stuff used and now I don't have the option because after ebay pricing and shipping, I might as well go to Target or something!

I DID score at Kmart on Presidents day - shirts and shirts for $4 and a bunch of stuff on mad clearance. I also hit the Old Navy end of season clearance sales and try to stock up in advance.

Bargains make me all twitterpated. :-)

heidi @ ggip said...

We do not have good thrift stores around here. Actually there is a new one I need to check out, but generally they are very overpriced.

Good finds!