Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Ok I don't take part in too many of these but this one seemed fun and easy and I needed something to post about so I said "What the Hey". Now I am curious if it should be the first folder that pops up when I open my pictures from the main menu or from the blogger upload menu, because they are completely different. I am going to go with the one from my main menu because in the blogger window, I think I would have to go through about 4 folders to find one without the kids in it somewhere.

Here is a totally random picture taken in Wildwood, NJ last summer. I was there for the day with my friend Pam and her family. They always go for a week and usually take one of both of my older girls with them. We were riding a big speed boat called the "Silver Bullet". This was supposed to be a picture of the Wildwood shoreline but it's so far away it doesn't really look like anything. I was bummed because a few pictures farther are some of the dolphins we saw and they are kinda cool. But I stuck to the rules and posted this one. I only had to go 30 pictures into the folder to finally find one that the kiddos weren't in.


heidi said...

Those darned kids are in every picture, aren't they? Sheesh. ;-)

Your picture looks heavenly. I just wish it were happening right now, for me and I was laying out in the sun snoozing. *sigh*

Nightowl Mama said...

Lovely photo. I too had a hard time finding one with out the kids. Your dd are beautiful by the way.

Orah said...

Either way, this pic reminds me of my recent trip to Miami, and I am holding on to that until the weather stays consistently in the 70's in Chicago - we are getting closer. :)