Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday #24

It's our favorite day of the week again. I can't believe I've actually done this 24 times. It's kind of freaky....but so fun! If you love it too, you can join the fun at MckMama's blog.

I did not hot glue a battery on to an old cell phone this week so that my daughter can use it as an alarm clock. I am not that cheap and we do not have about a dozen old cell phones around the house that we use for alarms and play phones.

I did not have to run to the grocery store late Monday night to make a dish for Jaquelyn's class for her project on Ireland. I did not then stay up super late making some "Irish Mashed Potato Candy". I did not think they were totally gross. I did not then make a completely different dessert. The kids in her class did not love the mashed potato candies and hate the toffee I made. I was not astonished by the tastes of kids. Who knew?

I did not decide to clean my van a bit and then proceed to spend more than an hour and a half cleaning in within an inch of it's life. I did not use spray cleaner and a ton of paper towels, kill more than one Magic Eraser, wash windows, move all the seats, vacuum and more. I was not so disappointed when my husband, who always complains about the messiness of my van, did not even mention how clean it was.

When Jaquelyn was getting ready for school the other day, she did not grab one of my polo shirts out of the dryer and get dressed in it instead of her own uniform shirts. It did not take me pointing it out before she realized it.

I did not get a call from Staples this weekend asking if I had picked my computer up already. That was not too funny because when I went to drop it off to get the free tune-up they were advertising, they said they couldn't look at it because it was not booting up correctly. So I was never able to leave it at all. But they still thought I had left it and were worried they had lost it. It did not cross my mind later that I could have done the naughty thing and said I hadn't picked it up yet...was there a problem? That wouldn't have been totally mean. Do you think I could have gotten a new, working computer?

I did not host a Pay It Forward post on my blog a month ago and still not figure out something cool to send to the people who commented. I am not that horrible at remembering things like that. I am not thinking that they won't like anything I send them and they will regret ever doing the whole thing. I am not that silly and unsure of myself.

I was not extremely frustrated on Wednesday when I decided to take a nap while Rebecca was napping and get woken up three times. Once by the UPS man and twice by the phone. I did not give up and skip the nap and then behave very crankily the rest of the day because I was so tired. I am much more mature than that and never take my lack of sleep out on the people around me.

I did not finally break down and read the Twilight series. I totally did not spend the day Thursday reading the entire Breaking Dawn book. I did not disappoint my daughter by not being nearly as impressed with the series as she was. I am not practically the only person in the world who wasn't completely in love with the series by the end. I did not love the first book and feel like they all went down hill from there. I would not admit to this on my blog and open myself up to mean comments from Twilight fans.

We did not spend a mint on our two vehicles this week. We have not been putting off fixing certain things until we got our tax return. I am not super excited that my van now has a working starter and I don't have to spend several minutes listening to click, click, click anymore. Dan is not happy to have tires that are not bald and actually grip the road. We never procrastinate auto repairs because of lack of money. We always have money put aside to do things like that as soon as they are necessary.

I did not finally buy a new ear thermometer this weekend. We have not had the same ear thermometer since 1993. I was not starting to wonder if it wasn't working well when I took Rebeccas temp a while ago and it came up out of range. Out of range is not 108 freaking degrees. Please tell me how my child is still alive with that kind of temperature. The new one wasn't just in time for Rebecca to get sick again yesterday. I was not upset that I had nothing to blame the 104 temps on since we had a brand new thermometer. I am not frustrated that Rebecca is sick AGAIN!!!!


carma said...

sounds like Staples is sure on top of things-not!
great NMMs
carma :-)

Orah said...

I have not read Twilight, nor will I. I also have not read one Harry Potter, nor will I.

heidi said...

Oh NO! She's sick again?! B too, doggoneit. I'm so sick of this!