Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thrift Shop Part 2

Here are the rest of the deals we came away with on Saturday. I picked up a few things for Jaquelyn and several for Rebecca. Mostly some spring/summer items.
Teresa didn't get much because she has very specific tastes and I am not about to guess. I did make an effort and pick up a pair of Vans for her because she needed some new shoes. They are kind of funky because the tongue is super thick but she might wear them occasionally. They were actually the best deal of all even though they were $6.95. That would be because when I got home and checked my receipt, they had not rung them up. Oh well, I am certainly not driving all the way back there to fix it. I have been known to correct stores in this fashion but usually only if it doesn't inconvenience me. An hour drive is a definite inconvenience.

I found this cute dress for Jaquelyn from Amy Too/Amy Byer. I really like it and she does too. She needed a new dress for Easter and Sunday School and at $2.95 it was a bargain.

These shorts were each .95 cents. Jaquelyn's are from Talbot Kids and Rebecca's are from Target and Carters.

Rebecca seemed to be short some dresses when I went looking in her closet the other day so I decided to pick some up while we were thrifting. These 5 dresses range from $.95-$2.95 so I figured I probably spent the same for all of them that I would have paid for one brand new...if it was on sale. (they added up to $10.75)

I didn't actually mean to buy this dress. When we are going through and shopping at most thrift shops, I just put everything I like into the cart. Then, when we are ready to go, I examine everything a bit more closely and decide if I really want to get it. Even though I really liked it and it was from Lands' End, I noticed a few stains on it and a small hole and it was still pretty big for Rebecca at size 6. Unfortunately, when we were sorting through what we wanted and didn't want, it somehow made it into the keep pile. Oh well, it was only $1.95 so I'm not out any big bucks and she'll still wear it when she finally fits into it.

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