Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Not Me! Monday Time!

Well it's time again to bear our souls to everyone and say what we have not been doing this week. If you want to join in the fun, you can head over to MckMama's blog and have at it.

I was not driving home Friday night trying to figure out what movie was playing on the vehicle in front of me. It did not take me less than a minute to figure out that it was The Lion King. I did not proceed to watch the movie until they pulled away from me. That would be unsafe driving and I am always a safe driver.

I did not crash my desktop computer last night simply by hitting the back button when the website I was trying to pull up gave me an error message. I am not very sad about this since my laptop is not compatible with Pogo games.

I have not started keeping a small notebook in the van so when Not Me's happen, I can write them down immediately. I would never try to write while I am driving.

I did not take my 4 year old to the grocery store in her pajamas on Wednesday after preschool because it was pajama day. I was not a bit embarrassed to have a 4 year old out of the house in her pj's when it was after noon. I am not that worried about what other people might think.

I was not super excited Saturday to figure out that my girls made it into the 500 club with their Girl Scout cookie sales. I am not extremely grateful to one of the cookie moms for pointing out to me that I should check how many they had each sold since Jaquelyn was already over 250 boxes. I am not still amazed that she sold that many. We are not now a big hassle to all three troops cookie moms since they need to figure out how to do the paperwork properly to combine all my kids boxes somehow. Sorry cookie moms!

I was not incredibly irritated with my 14 year old when she suddenly remembered Saturday morning at 930am that her color guard practice was cancelled. That would not have completely changed everything since we had planned a whole sleepover Friday night based on the fact she had to be home before 11am. I am not anxiously waiting for color guard to be finished in a month.

I am not such a cheapskate that I refuse to take Rebecca out to get her haircut. I did not just stick her on a stool on the back deck and chop it off. It is not a little crooked still. I am not trying to decide if I should keep hacking away to even it out. Not Me!

When the temps reached 70 this weekend, it was not me who grabbed some tan in a bottle so I could bear wearing some capri's without blinding everyone under the sun with my fish belly colored legs. I am not that self conscious about being hideously, naturally white legged (with a smattering of freckles).


heidi said...

Eh - just wear YOUR jammies, too. Then no one will be worried about your kid in their jammies. ;-)

I've done the TV thing. Or I'll just start quoting it and Rob and the kids are all "what are you talking about? Why are you saying that?"

Jessie said...

The video thing cracked me up! I always wonder if the people behind us are watching the DVDs that my kids are watching.

I need to break out the tan in a bottle too. My pasty and freckled legs haven't seen the sun in a long time.

carma said...

took my blindingly white legs out for a walk this weekend. May need to go your route next time with the tan in a bottle.

Shosh said...

mmmm...girl scout cookies!!! and in terms of haircuts...i really wish i knew how to cut boy's hair, it would save me a lot of money!