Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fun Trip To The Thrift Shop

I am now going to bore everyone to tears and go on and on and brag tell about all the great stuff we picked up at the thrift shop yesterday. So be forewarned and if you choose to skip this post, be my guest. It'll be a loooooong one.
Anyhoo... Taylor spent the night at a friends house Friday night so I went over the bridge on Saturday to pick her up. She has been talking about going to the prom in May and I know that dresses can be a bit pricey. So I told her that before I would consider paying full price we had to check out several thrift shops and see what they had to offer before looking into "real" stores. Since we were already over there, we decided to check out our favorite spot Value Village. You can read about another trip here. It is truly the best thrift shop ever. It was a great trip even more because it was just the two of us so Becca and Jaquelyn weren't fussing and wanting everything they see. Teresa had Color Guard practice so she couldn't join us either.
We came home with deals galore!! Since it's my blog and I get to make the rules, I am going to post pictures of all our deals and even brag some more tell about how much we stole paid for each item. I am also going to break it down to two posts so it's not so overwhelming.
Taylor was the big winner since she was with me and so able to pick out her own things. I have long stopped trying to find deals at thrift shops for the older two. Since they all have no return policies, it is not financially sound. I will very occasionally pick up clothing for them when they are not with me but only if I know I can return it if they do not like it. I will still get things for Jaquelyn and Rebecca because they are so easy to shop for and will wear pretty much anything.
So....on to Taylor's great finds.

These two cute little items are from H&M and were $1.95 each. She will most likely be wearing them with leggings or tights or even jeans under them because her crazy, obnoxious parents won't let her out of the house in dresses that short.

Here is a scooter from Aeropostale...a steal for only $2.95. And Weathervane shorts for a mere $3.45.

This cute little thing is from Esprit de Corp. What a blast from the past. I can remember loving their clothes when I was a teenager. She is probably going to wear this for Easter with a little white sweater. $3.45

The most awesome part of the whole trip to Value Village was the dress we ended up with for prom. We both like it...a miracle in itself. It's not too short, doesn't have spaghetti straps and it's not skin tight...the reasons I like it. It's not too long, doesn't have long sleeves and it fits her very nicely...the reasons she likes it. The reason we both love it...$5.95. Without further ado....

I don't usually look for too much at the thrift shop because I have a huge closet full of clothes. I rarely change my style so I still have the same clothes from five years ago and have little need for more. I especially rarely wear dresses except for Easter, Christmas Eve and the occasional wedding/baptism. While we were looking through the dresses for Taylor, I came across this cute little Liz Claibourne dress that I fell in love with. It still had the tags on it($54) and I will only have to shorten it to make it a perfect fit (sucks to be so short). I am a sucker for navy blue and try hard to not let everything in my closet end up that color but it's hard. I feel like this was a bargain at $5.95.

I also picked up a swimsuit bottom because the suit I bought 2 years ago is starting to get a bit thin in places so I need something to rotate the bottoms with. $2.95

And one more minor item was a girl scout vest for either Taylor if she decides to continue next year or Jaquelyn when she gets to that stage which is only a few years away. $2.95

So that's it for today. Tomorrow I will go on to share what Rebecca, Jaquelyn and Teresa scored. TTFN


heidi said...

GREAT finds! I am once again jealous of your thrift store. *boo hoo* I love the prom dress!! What is she going to do with her hair?

marghee said...

Uh huh - and Heidi's clothes aren't being modeled, why is that?

O and really, wow!! Try to get her to let her hair be curly for Prom. :)

Shosh said...

She looks great in those dresses! Awesome finds! I love the thrift shop too! I just got my boys NFL t-shirts there - ones that cost at least $30 in the store and i would NEVER spend that much...all for $3 at the thrift shop!