Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Am NOT Fond Of Government Agencies

I am just a wee bit frustrated with a certain government agency that shall remain nameless. I went there today with the intention of fixing something that was supposed to be fixed eons ago. I wasn't 100% sure what paperwork I needed to bring so I just gathered what I figured would do the job and headed down there. The closest office is almost 20 miles away.
Of course I didn't have the right paperwork. No big deal, I had kind of expected that. So I drive home, get the document I didn't have and drove back. Different person this time. She looks over my paperwork and....I still don't have what I need. Of course why should I be surprised. So with a little attitude (OK a lot) I storm out of there muttering not very nice things under my breath. I drive home and rummage around for awhile and finally find the info they needed. Again, I drive there, still a bit annoyed. Wait in line, AGAIN, get a new person, AGAIN.
Do you think I had the right paperwork???
By now I am more than a little irritated. How can they not tell me THE FIRST TIME every document they need to complete the task?? Do they know what gas prices are these days??? I just about blew up at the woman but managed to say, only slightly sarcastically, thanks for all your help. Which I didn't mean at all but she totally didn't even get.
I think I will wait until tomorrow to try again. Maybe by then I will not be ready to throttle the person that tells me I still don't have all the right paperwork.

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