Thursday, October 2, 2008

I LOVE Pictures

Here is a really cool idea that I borrowed from my Mom. We all love pictures of our kids, right? Well you can only put up so many with frames. And then you have so many holes in your wall and if you happen to rent like we do it is a major pain when you leave to fix them all. (Although this time I invested in those cool 3M hooks that don't leave any marks on your walls....they work
for the most part but aren't perfect every time.)

Soooooo the perfect solution?? Put up a collage of pictures of your kids all over a section of wall with blue painters tape. It is really cool and so much fun. I love looking at it and noticing pictures that I haven't looked at for awhile. It is up to you how you do it. I trimmed a lot of my pictures so that I could get just the part of the picture I really wanted to see, but there are some that are still whole so they aren't ruined. Then just start arranging them on your wall, mixing them all up time wise.
It is a big hit when guests come over. Especially if you happen to have a picture of them up somewhere. Challenge them to find it. I will say that Teresa dubbed it the "Wall of Weirdos" but that is to be expected from the teenaged girls who are totally embarrassed when their friends come over and check out baby pictures of them.

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Jennifer said...

I love pictures too! What a great idea instead of having to drag out photo album after photo album just to show off our little ones!