Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Trip To The Emergency Room

OK, here is a big surprise. Yesterday did not work out the way we planned. Late afternoon, we received a call from Teresa's Girl Scout leader Debbie. Teresa was feeling dizzy, weak kneed, numbness in hands and feet. She had had a previous episode like this on Friday night at the football game and been checked out by the EMT. They said her blood pressure was slightly elevated but other than that they could find nothing wrong with her. Told us to keep an eye on her and follow up with her doctor this week, unless it happens again. So being such good, caring parents we of course sent her off to the girl scout camping trip anyhow. We did inform her troop leader so she was aware of the situation. So back to the call....we canceled all of our plans and went to pick her up. We got a neighbor to watch Rebecca and headed off to the emergency room.

Several hours and many needles later we have found that she has hyperventilation syndrome. Still not completely sure what that means but at least we know what she needs to do if it happens again. Sit down and take slow, deep breaths. We will still be taking her to see her regular doctor this week to see if we can figure out why it is happening. She says she isn't nervous, stressed, panicked or anything else of that sort.

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marghee said...

My poor Babushka - maybe she just missed her mom too much to be away for the weekend ... LOL