Monday, October 6, 2008

Not Me! Monday Take 3

It's that time again. Our favorite day of the week. The day we get to get all those things we are not guilty of off our chests. Not Me! Monday. Here goes nothing...

I did not forget about Jaquelyn's fundraiser for school. I did not finally remember, send out an email to friends and family asking if they wanted Yankee Candles and then forget to put the due date on the email so that I received orders after the sale was over. A good mother always sends out the email the first day to give everyone plenty of time to make an order and make sure her daughter gets enough orders to qualify for a prize.

I totally did NOT take Rebecca to the doctors today, which is an hour away, and forget to make sure the garage door closed all the way. So the house wasn't completely open the whole time I was gone. Since I know that it sometimes wiggles so much that it thinks something is blocking it and therefore opens again, I always wait until it is completely closed before I leave. (and I am not hoping my husband doesn't notice this one and NOT get a little upset with me)

I was NOT one day later than I thought I should have started my period and start thinking about when the due date would be. And when thinking about that I didn't automatically think "her" due date. Who does that??? I definitely do NOT want more children.....most of the time.

I am not so tired of my site meter and statcounter logging my visits because the cookie keeps getting cleared that I now just keep my blog minimized on my computer all the time. Of course I know how to fix that and it doesn't drive me crazy at all.

I have not found a new game on the Pogo website and been playing it like crazy. I always use my time wisely and spend any extra time with my children.

If anyone wants to join in the fun or just read all the other not me Mondays, just head over to MckMama's blog and have at it.


Weeksie50 said...

Girl, I am so addicted to POGO. I am a member. I actually pay to play so that I can collect badges..

Jennifer said...

What pogo game? I'm so addicted to pogo just like blogging! And I'm no good at my kids fundraisers either! We have a lot in common so it seems!! Have a great week!