Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me! Monday Take 6

And we are again, starting the week off fresh by getting everything off our chest that we didn't do last week.

I totally did not get up and work on my blog last Monday instead of getting the Jaquelyn and Rebecca ready for school. And I certainly didn't drop Jackie off at school and come home and do it again before taking Rebecca to hers. And I most definitely didn't do it again this week. That would be irresponsible. Getting my kids ready for school always comes first.

I didn't stall all morning on Monday because I didn't want to go work out. And if I had, when I finally did drag myself there in the afternoon I wouldn't have been excited to find out then that the childwatch was closed and that I got to skip working out altogether. I want to stay in shape and always do what I can to exercise.

I did manage to work out at the Y later in the week and on one of the days I used one of the exercise bikes and got really sweaty. But I did not forget to pack a clean bra in my gym bag and I really did not just decide that no one would be able to tell if I just skipped wearing one. I alway remember to bring things like that and would never dream of going out in public without a bra.

I did NOT haunt my blog because I was watching my sitemeter for when I went over 500 visitors. And I didn't get really excited when it finally went over. That's just silly.

On Friday night, when I was working on the computer, I didn't spend an hour catching up on everyone else's blogs that I hadn't gotten to read for 2 whole days. I just did my work and I always save reading blogs for when I have free time. (what is free time again?)

I did pull my Halloween decorations out 3 weeks ago so I could enjoy them all month long. I did not never get around to putting them up so they are still sitting in the bin I store them in. That would be silly. Of course I put them up right away.

I am not totally excited to be #7 on MckMama's list this week and I totally didn't add this to my blog after doing the mr linky thing on her blog. That's just childish and I am way above that.

I am not begging someone to show me how to change the words when you put someone's blog address or any website in a post so it doesn't look like this:
Here is the website that started it all, jump over to read all about Not Me! Monday. . (I want it to say MckMama or here or just about anything else) Of course I know how to do things like that all by myself.


Jennisa said...

you're too funny!

When you are making your post, you just need to highlight the word you want to link, and then click the paperclip icon that is above. Enter in your site, and there you have it! :)

Allmykids123 said...

Congrats on being in her top 10. I never am above 75 or so!

heidi said...

There ya go - what Jennisa said. I can tell ya how to html code it, if you need, too. :-) I'm helpful like that.

Stacy said...

I almost forgot to get my daughter dressed this morning because I kept blogging! But I'm going to take her to school then come back and do the same.

This was my first week doing NMM and I'm number 13!!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Absolutely. A member of the top 10 on MckMama's list is quite a feat! Your site-meter should be going off of the charts today. Personally, only my kid's wet kisses come close to making me as happy as watching the number of hits climb on my blog. :)

As for your issue re inserting a link, are you using the tool bar at the top of the create a new post option? I have never seen this problem before, but would be happy to lend you a hand in resolving it. said...

I wonder if there is some sort of blogging addiction specialist we should all be seeing?