Friday, October 31, 2008

Sick Kiddo

Dontcha just love being up at 1:30am with sick's such fun. Rebecca is a bit under the weather and coughing up phlegm like a pro. My two younger children are very talented. It seems that when they are sick, they have the ability to cough so much and so hard, they throw up. Jaquelyn appears to have finally outgrown it but Rebecca is smack dab in the middle of the gagging era. Apparently they both have bad post nasal drip and as all the wonderful phlegm is draining down the backs of their throats, they cough and cough and cough until they gag themselves.
We have found small things to help but there isn't really a whole lot that works. I have yet to see one of my children get miraculously better when put in a room with a humidfier or vaporizer. We have used them in the past and probably will in the future, but I don't see really see the point. When Jaquelyn was little we put a car seat in her crib and had her sleep in that to keep her propped up. Rebecca is sleeping in our papasan chair so she is kept propped and is finally able to get some sleep without coughing continuously. They also seem to get croup a lot. Or maybe it's just that EVERY cold or cough morphs into that hoarse, seal barky cough. I hate hearing it. It makes me feel so bad for them.
Well, wish us some sleep....and that it doesn't work it's way through everyone else.


heidi said...

Seriously feelin your pain. Both boys are down for the count the past few days. Only they're not DOWN, yk? They're up for the count? Whatever. They're hacking up lungs, puking up phlegm, snotting all over the place.

Hope you guys are all on the mend soon!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you have a sick kid on your hands! It is always such a bummer.

Love all your photo's you have posted.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I laughed at your fear of Jaws comment. I grew up swimming in the pacific ocean and let me tell you, we all had a hard time going in the water after that movie!!!!