Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Another (Manic) Not Me! Monday

Ok, here we go. Let's all join MckMama in her weekly mission to find out all the things no one out there is doing. Here is her blog so you can go read what other people are NOT doing.

I did not get really excited last monday when I saw that I had received 6 comments. Even though that was the most I had ever gotten for one post, that would be silly and superficial. I do this for fun and for people to read and enjoy, no one has to comment to make me happy.

I didn't stay up until after 1am two nights in a row blogging. That would be irresponsible of me. I always go to bed at a reasonable hour so I get a good nights sleep.

My personal favorite was I absolutely did NOT drive up to Pennsylvania on Saturday with Dan, Rebecca and Teresa to buy our new car at a dealership over 4 hours away and realize over halfway that we had not brought any shoes for Rebecca since she was sleeping when we left. If something like that had happened, I certainly would not have laughed and giggled about it for a really long time.

I guess this was a slow week for me. I actually probably didn't do more, I just forgot to write them down so they didn't fall out of my head.
See you next week.


Mike and Katie said...



Mike and Katie said...

Great adoption story. I wish I could read more but my own little answered prayer is looking for trouble!


Kameron said...

shoes?? Who needs soes??!!

MoodyMama (a.k.a. Heidi) said...

Well, I for one have never left the house without my kids shoes, I mean, who does that?
I also didn't get totally excited when I started getting comments on my blog. Why would I? It's not like some secret book I'm writing that only the unknowns in cyberspace know about!
Where were you in PA? That's where I'm at!

** Sara ** said...

I love comments too! Not that I am like that and care if anybody reads my boring stuff, but you, not me.

Marghee said...

Proof positive that she is MY shoes -

O and I really like your husband's new car - good luck getting the keys...

heidi said...

Shoes are overrated.

And I NEVER get excited about comments. Ever.


Happy Monday!

Ashley Griffin said...

shoes?? what are they?? Highly overrated!

Jennifer said...

I love getting comments! And I always stay up way too late on this darn computer!

Weeksie50 said...

Well you are going to be even more excited this week.. I will be comment number 10.. Whoo Hoo..

Girl, I wish my computer would shut down at a certain time at night so I wouldn't stay on it so long.. said...

ok that is so funny because I had a no shoe and sock post in my not me monday - I don't know how we keep winding up places with no shoes!



heidi said...

Morning, heidi! Left you a present over on my blog. :-)

Hailey said...

I've forgotten Caroline's shoes too. Oh well. Haha! It could be worse. We could forget their pants or something. haha!


Hailey said...

I've forgotten Caroline's shoes too. Oh well. Haha! It could be worse. We could forget their pants or something. haha!