Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Homecoming Pictures

Well, hmmmm. I said I would post with more pictures and I do have a few more. But first, let me vent so if you don't want to listen, skip to the bottom.

Does anyone else feel that their children have no idea what we do and go through for them? Let's talk about what it takes to get 2 teen aged girls ready to go to a homecoming dance.

First, we live in the middle of nowhere, so of course we had to drive an hour to the closest mall to go dress shopping. Let's spend 4 hours checking out dresses for them and even go to a second mall to find what we need. We find 2 dresses for them that I liked and they didn't hate so there is step one.
Find out every single penny owed to the school for laptop fees, etc because you can't buy a ticket if you owe them anything. Write out 5 separate checks to pay for said fees and tickets and there is step two.
Step three, run around the day of the dance to pick up last minute items and the ingredients for the special dinner that just HAD to be made, since Mom is a meanie and won't let them go out to dinner. Field a ton of phone calls while out running said errands since teenagers are unable to find anything unless it actually falls in their laps.
Minorly help with the getting ready part since I know nothing about make up (I stopped wearing make up soooo many years ago) .
Try to take a million pictures before they go so I can make sure I got a bunch of good ones. Only get about a dozen because the kids are so annoyed with the camera happy mom and after all, they are getting pictures taken at the dance. That was step four.
Step five, drive them to the dance. Give clear instructions that the check I am giving them is to pay for the pictures, what packages to get and who I want in the packages.
So after all that do you think they could possibly fit it into their three hour dance to go and get the pictures I wanted??? OF COURSE NOT!!!
What was I thinking.... they were much too busy dancing and (apparently) "grinding" to have time to do that one little thing that Mom wanted. A picture of their first Homecoming dance.

Am I, why should I be upset?
Ok, I feel better. Thank you for listening to me vent. Now here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment.

l-r Micayla, Teresa, Taylor, Jessica, Michelle

The corsage. I felt so bad, we didn't get him a boutonniere. It didn't even occur to me.
Rebecca wanted to get in on the action too.
Taylor after the dance.
Teresa after the dance.

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Marghee said...

Teresa wore a dress??? tell her we love the new hairdo...she looks awesome---

Tell Taylor I want to know who the guy is, where he's from, what his father does for a living, how long she's known him...

And give my love to my Jellybean & bunny too :)